AT&T APN Settings – Step by Step Configuration

ATT APN Settings

AT&T APN Settings: AT&T is one of America’s biggest telecom companies. And that translates directly into having one of the largest ever networks in terms of annual subscribers. Millions of annual subscriptions in terms of data usage, creating a large network of transactions. And any data usage network requires the setting up of an APN network setting. AT&T is also in the same list, the users have to configure their network to use the internet and online facilities of the company.

But that is not as easy a job as one takes it to be, those who are not well adept at it might find some problems as to how to tackle the at&t apn settings. But do not worry we bring this article to help you out of the situation.

at&t apn settings

AT&T APN Settings:

All settings that you need to tackle have already been listed on your smartphone. All that you have to do is go into the settings option and open the APN settings section. In that, you will get to fill out the particulars of your setting and customize them if you like to. The at&t access point can be filled in from there and the at&t apn particulars can also be provided from the same. There are certain technicalities which might affect the functioning of your phone and thus, it is advisable that unless you are fully aware of all the aspects of your phone, do not try to interfere with the functioning of it in any way. If you want to seek some help, you can look it up online where there are a lot many user forums to help you out with the same. With its help, you can very easily modify your network settings.

At&t apn settings 3G wap details:

For the normal at&t apn settings, or also called at&t wap settings, these are the values you should use

APN wap.cingular
Proxy <Leave in Blank>
Port <Leave in Blank>
Username [email protected]
Password cingular1
Server <Leave in Blank>
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 80
MCC 310
MNC 410
Authentication Type <Leave in Blank>
APN Type default,dun,supl
APN Protocol Leave it to the Default one

At&t apn settings 4G details:

If you have a 4G phone (e.g. iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, HTC one, etc) you should try using these at&t apn settings 4G. They run faster and more stable connections.

APN Name Straight Talk
APN phone
Server  <Leave in Blank>
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 80
MCC 310
MNC 410
Authentication Type <Leave in Blank>
APN Type default,dun,supl
APN Protocol Leave it to the Default one
APN Roaming Protocol Leave it to the Default one
Bearer leave it to the Default one

at&t apn settings – How to set it up?

Below are the steps for you to configure the att apn settings for your mobile phone:

att apn settings for Android –   For Android, you should go to  Settings > Wireless Connections > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.

at&t apn settings for iPhone or iPad – Main Screen > Setup > General > Network > Mobile Data

Other Verifications:

Changing your apn settings for at&t is not that easy. If there is any new network that you want to configure to then you must first verify the compatibility of your phone and the network that it uses. Hardware and software compatibility is needed in order to make sure that your phone functions properly and does not end up compromising the functions that you had preinstalled. There are many online sites that provide the technical specifications of how you can customize your apn settings. There are YouTube tutorials that guide you through a step by step layout of the process. And if your problem still persists then you will do best to contact the service and support center for the network. You will benefit from the technical expertise of the company’s reps, they are trained professionals who have been appointed to help you out of a difficult spot.

Apn settings at&t can be a bit difficult to figure out on your own. Not everybody knows the access point they should be using, they are kept specific to the area that your network operates in. you can also check out the information online, there you will get the complete list of particulars that you have to enter the settings options to configure the APN settings.

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