Top 5 Android apps for Watching Bollywood Movies

filmywap Bollywood movie

Filmywap Bollywood Movie: The Bollywood Industry is one of the largest growing movie industries of the world. Having a culture of 100+ years of cinema releases, this industry is known worldwide for the release of a number of different movies of different genres. Many of such movies have created a huge impact on the individual lives and have inspired regarding the same. This industry is one of the biggest contributors towards the net nation revenue and even has the record sale of over 3.6 billion tickets for different movies in 2017.

But in the age of the internet, the movie watching experience has been upgraded to a new arsenal in the form of online movie forums, where all of the Bollywood movies can be watched freely and at the ease of the homes. This article describes the easy modes of Bollywood movies 2018 download via the different forums.

filmywap Bollywood movie

The Famous Apps for Watching Bollywood Movies:

There are a number of different apps and websites where new Bollywood movies 2018 can be watched at free of cost and within the comforts of the home. Some of those include the following famous ones that are used by a major chunk of junta: –


It is one of the most popular websites for filmywap Bollywood movie viewing over the mobile phones. Here one can easily watch the latest filmywap Bollywood movie that can stimulate the emotions and intellect of millions of viewers. There are a number of genres of Bollywood movies available in this forum so as to suit the tastes of a wide range of audiences. To have filmywap 2018 Bollywood movies download, one can easily search for filmywap Bollywood movies in Hindi, select their desirable genres and move on with a free download of the same.


  • This is an app where one can watch free Bollywood movies even within the day of the release of the latest one. Its sleek interface and friendly UI ensures that all of its viewers have the best of the movie viewing experience. Not only of Bollywood but this app also houses movies of other regional languages as well and hence it caters to the tastes of different sects of the Indian Cinema viewers.


  • It is another of the famous mobile app where the latest Bollywood movies can be watched easily at free of cost. The app consumes very less space in the internal memory of the phone and supports offline viewing of movies too. One just needs to download them and watch during their free time.


Although this app does not have that many genres of Bollywood movies, it is still famous for the best quality of picture that it provides when compared to the former apps. The UI is very user-friendly and its filter search ensures the best selection for the viewer.


Although famous for short videos, Youtube also has a collection of a number of classic and retro-themed Hindi movies that can resonate with the tastes of the senior citizens and hence can be viewed by them anytime within the comfort of the home.


Hotstar allows streaming TV series, Hindi movies, and sports for free. The site has most of the latest movies and shows available to watch but download


JioCinema is an online video streaming platform for watching movies and tv shows in HQ. Enjoy a lot of Hindi and English entertainment content, downloading and use free.

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