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Snipping Tool Mac

Snipping tool Mac: A snipping tool is a utility tool that was introduced by Windows from Vista and its further versions. It can take still screenshots of an open window or entire screen and then edit that basic image via different options, like cropping, changing background colors, highlighting a particular portion etc.

Originally found in only Windows OS, now this feature has been embedded even in the other OS like Mac, Linux etc. The use of the snipping tool has made the art of picture editing quite easy. This article speaks basically on how to snip on mac and use the different snipping tool for Mac available for the users.

Snipping Tool Mac

The Shortcut Commands for taking a Screenshot

The following are the shortcut commands that can substitute the role of a mac snipping tool for the users having Mac OS: –

  • Command-Shift-3: This shortcut captures the screenshot of the entire screen, including the area desirable for a person.
  • Command-Shift-4: It converts the cursor into a crosshair, which can be used to drag a certain portion of the screen so as to capture as a screenshot
  • Command-Shift-4, followed by spacebar and then clicking on a window to automatically click the screenshot

The General Functions of a Snipping tool Mac

Snipping tool is a boon for a majority of the people as it allows them to focus their desirable section of the image and then upload the same over various social media platforms. To make this art of taking screenshot easier, the snipping tool has been brought into the use. The snipping tool can easily be found in the search results and the following four are the modes of snipping available with the tool: –

  • Free-from snip, where one is allowed to draw a free-form shape around an object and then save it as an image file to get the desired portion as the required image.
  • Rectangular snip, when one can drag the cursor around an object to create a rectangular shape and that portion can then be saved as an image file.
  • Window snip, where one can select a window like that of a browser or dialog box, to take a snapshot of the same and save that particular portion in an image format.
  • Full-screen snip, that takes the screenshot of the entire full screen and saves as the image format in the system.

Some of the other screenshot taking shortcuts are as follows: –

  • Alt+M- Selecting the desired snipping mode
  • Alt+N- Creating a new snip in the previously chosen mode
  • Shift+ arrow keys- Aids in moving the cursor to select a rectangular portion for the snip
  • Alt+D- Delays the capture of the screenshot by a maximum of 5 seconds
  • Ctrl+C- Copies down the snip to the clipboard
  • Ctrl+- Saves the screenshot for the future uses and references
  • Ctrl+PrtScr- It can capture the entire screen, including that of the open menu

The upcoming content includes about some of the famous snipping tools on mac that can be used easily by the mac users.

The List of the Famous Snipping tools:

The following are some of the famous snipping tool mac that is used by quite a number of users for taking and editing the screenshots: –


Grab is a very famous snip tool for mac that can take screenshots easily and then store them in the format of the image files easily. Just like its Windows counterpart, this software also has its different modes of snipping and the different keyboard shortcuts and is now available on the Mac systems by default and hence there is no need to download it separately. It can be accessed by the Mac OS users either from the utility folder or the Launchpad option. The default file extension for the image captured is of png type, but it can also be converted to the other image formats like jpeg, tiff, gif, pdf etc.

The following are some of the shortcuts for capturing of screenshots via the Grab tool: –

  • Grab—Capture—Selection, to capture a specific region of the screen of the device
  • Shift+Command+A, a shortcut to trigger the selection option
  • Grab—Capture—Window, to capture a screenshot of a window selected by the user
  • Shift+Command+W, to trigger the window capture option
  • Grab—Capture—Screen, to capture the entire screen like the screenshot
  • Command+Z, to trigger the option for screen capture option
  • Grab—Capture—Timed screen, to have the option for a time of 10 seconds while taking the screenshot
  • Shift+Command+Z, a shortcut for the above option


It is an advanced snipping tool for Mac users with features of built-in OCR capabilities. Just like any ordinary snipping tool, it allows full-screen capture as well as specific portion capture of the images. These screenshots can then be edited easily, the resolution is changed and given a completely new look. This is a free and open source software that is compatible in both mac as well as Windows OS. It also has the keyboard shortcuts of availing the different capture modes and options.


It is another mac snipping tool that is considered to be the fastest when it comes to having customized Its interface is very sleek and smooth and hence adding to its widespread popular use. It has its own servers, by which one can also share those captured images easily to other computers and laptops. It has a very powerful screenshot editor well equipped with all forms of editing options that can improve the quality of the image easily. It also has keyboard shortcuts about which one can find from the control options of the software.


It is a full-featured screen capture software that is yet another popular one amongst the mac users. Its screen recording and built-in advanced image editing options are just amazing and aid in cent percent improvement of the image quality. This is used by both individuals as well as the business classes for the top-notch image quality. Its UI gives sufficient help and ease to the users to have a good image editing experience.

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